Weather Policy

Our weather policy lets you cancel up to the day before your party (by 3 pm)  if weather reports are calling for a substantial amount of rain as defined below. There is absolutely no fees should you need to cancel or reschedule your date,  due to excessive rain, heavy winds, or snow conditions, as long as it is done by the day before your party no later than 3:00 pm, as defined below.   If you choose to cancel an event in advance of 3 pm the day before your event, because of a concern with the weather at that time, we will work with you to reschedule your event for any date up to one year from the original rental date.  

Rainy/Snow conditions warranting cancelation/under our policy are described as follows:

  • 60% chance of rain during your party/event time for over 50% of your event time. Snowfall predicted at least a 60% chance for over 50% of your event time.  
  • The 60% or higher chance of rain/snow must be within 24 hours in advance of your party.  Forecast predicting higher than 50% chance of rain farther out then 24hrs is too far out to rely on the predictability of the forecast.
  • If you decide to take the inflatable/moonbounce and it begins to rain, simply shut down the power until it stops.  When the passing shower passes you can re-inflate the inflatable, taking care to wipe down the surface inside to ensure there is no water to slip on.
  • If it begins to start getting windy while in use, simply shut down the power until it stops.  Operating an inflatable in winds over 20 mph is unsafe, and should not be done.  Please wait until the winds calm, and then it is safe to re-inflate and use again.
  • *All cancelations under 60% chance are at the discretion of management